The Greenbelt Guardians began our 13th year of service last Saturday by participating once again in the Austin Park Foundation’s annual citywide It’s My Park Day event. We worked at the Barton Creek Greenbelt Gus Fruh access, had 65 participants, and contributed a total of 189 hours of volunteer labor. Major accomplishments included:

  • cleanup and weeding of the trailhead area and entry trail
  • re-grading sections of the entry and switchback trails for better water management
  • repairs to the granite surface of the entry and switchback trails
  • removal of invasive ligustrum and nandina plants and berries
  • trash pickup

Photos from Saturday (as well as most of our other past workdays) are here:

Thanks to all of our great volunteers (including groups from Amy’s Ice Cream and HDR Engineering), our GG team leaders, and our CoA partners from Parks & Rec and Park Rangers. We had a good workday and got a lot done!

Our next scheduled workday is on Saturday June 6, 2015 – National Trails Day, so please get than on your calendar and plan on joining us!




2015 Zilker Kite Festival Information


The following information was provided to our neighborhood association by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department Office of Special Events in preparation for the annual Zilker Kite Festival scheduled for Sunday, March 1:

Web Links

Event Details and Closure Periods

Zilker Park Open Areas And Barton Spring Pool Details

  • Barton Springs Pool is currently closed for cleaning, and will be closed during this event.
  • Robert E Lee Parking Lot – will be staffed for park trail users. Event parkers will NOT be able to park in this lot.
  • Zilker Park – open at all times on the south side except on event day.
  • Zilker Park – open on the north side up until approximately 2 pm on Saturday for load-in purposes.  The park grounds are still open; users should park on the south side and use the pedestrian crosswalk. Lou Neff will be dedicated at that time to festival traffic for load in purposes.


  • Auditorium Shores Middle Lawn, and Butler Park will be open at all times for park users.

Dedicated Neighborhood ROVING Patrol

APD officers have been scheduled for dedicated neighborhood ticketing/enforcement. Please call 311 as noted below to have a request sent over in real time to the event site.

Neighborhood Call-In Line: 311

The city has enhanced the way we are using 311. 311 will be sending all traffic/parking and sound complaints immediately to the event site City contacts in real time. Please have vehicle make/model and street address ready to report parking violations.

Parking Restrictions

  • NO PARKING SIGNAGE will be installed due to the increase in restricted parking areas, as well as allowing for time for corrections prior to the event commencing.
  • These signs are valid upon installation, PLEASE ADHERE TO THE SIGNAGE.

HELPFUL TIP:  Want to save parking near your house?  Put your vehicle curbside, in the unsigned area of the road!  Remember to face the correct direction of travel!  Then your guests can use your driveway!

General Violations

Examples of what to call in:

  • Parking within 30′ of the approach to a stop sign.
  • Parking or blocking within 15′ of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking left wheel to curb. (cars parked facing against traffic).
  • If a car blocks YOUR Some neighbors may permit people to block their OWN driveway.
  • Illegal vending/sales questions in the immediate festival area.

Shuttles / Bike Parking

  • Dedicated festival shuttles run from 2 locations.  See KITE FESTIVAL WEBSITE FOR SCHEDULE/DETAILS.
  • Bike to the event – bike rack is located at the rugby field.
  • Parking at the park is NOT encouraged.  It is limited and fills very early in the morning.
  • EXTENSIVE illegal parking/towing patrols operate in the area neighborhoods.
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Greenbelt Guardians logo

On March 7, the Greenbelt Guardians are leading a work day at the Gus Fruh entry of the Barton Creek Greenbelt, at 2642 Barton Hills Drive. We will be working on the trail from 9 am to noon. We are excited to get the trail back in shape and manage the weeds and invasives that are proliferating after the torrential rains of the winter season.

On our planning walk we identified four priorities:

  1. Entry area weeding, pruning of overgrowth into trail, and stone edging repair;
  2. Packed Granite mix repairs on switchback trail areas eroded by heavy rains;
  3. Repairs of drainage dips and native stone catch basins,
  4. Removal of invasive Nandina and Ligustrum plants using weed wrenches and shovels.

We will be working with our longtime partner John Cook, who is volunteering after his formal retirement from COA-PARD, and our new COA staff partners from the PARD-Park Rangers Department. We will have the tools and team leaders and welcoming breakfast tacos ready for our volunteers. We look forward to another great work day.

Please go to to register. Our group is listed as: Gus Fruh entrance, Barton Creek Greenbelt | Greenbelt Guardians.

We will be among 90 other park improvement activities on this It’s My Park Day, organized by the Austin Parks Foundation. It’s a citywide celebration of our parks! Come and enjoy some good exertion in a beautiful setting with like-minded nature lovers.

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinator
(512) 441-3278

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