Dear Neighbors,

To recognize our graduating Seniors from Barton Hills we’re inviting the entire neighborhood to (safely) come out and cheer for our graduating seniors in a CAR PARADE on May 22, 2020 starting at 6:30pm. Parade route details and rules for parade participants and spectators are below.

We want YOU, each of YOU, to SUPPORT a SENIOR! It doesn’t have to be someone you know. Pick one or more senior. Follow this link to sign up to SUPPORT a SENIOR (or lots of seniors). You don’t have to make an account to sign up.

Sign up and then get out your markers, your crayons, your glitter, your paint and make a sign, or banner, or something else fun and creative (and family-friendly) to SUPPORT a SENIOR! Think of how fun it will be for the seniors to see signs of congratulations and support along the route. Each senior has THREE sign up slots, and ther are 27 senior in our parade. Please, let’s fill up those slots and SUPPORT a SENIOR! 

Not every senior attended Austin High, so in addition to her/his first name, the senior’s school, school colors, and mascot are included on the sign up form.

Thanks, Cindy Bogard and CherylAnne Campbell

The Parade begins at the Barton Hills Market on Friday May 22 at 6:30pm. There will be a lead car! The parade will proceed along the following route:

Click to view Parade route in Google Maps. Map courtesy of Brent Schneeman.
  • All of Barton Hills Dr.
  • Barton Skyway to Cedarview (stop sign)
  • Cedarview to Barton Parkway
  • Barton Parkway on the side of the arroyo closest to Lamar to Ridgeview
  • Ridgeview to Barton Hills Dr.
  • Barton Hills Dr. to Deerfoot (right side of Deerfoot)
  • Deerfoot becomes Cliffside 
  • Cliffside to Spring Creek Dr.
  • Spring Creek Dr. to Barton Hills Dr.
  • When Spring Creek Dr. meets Barton Hills Dr., the parade ends and cars will disperse.

As a reminder, please keep your distance to family units only and small friend groups to a six foot or greater distance along the parade route.  Please review these rules for Parade Participants and Spectators. Many thanks for keeping this celebratory event a safe one!