Boundary Map

BHNA Boundary Map

The section highlighted in yellow indicates the area of Barton Hills Neighborhood Association

The boundaries of our Neighborhood Association are described in this section of our Bylaws:

1. Eligibility
a. Membership in the Association shall be open to all residents or property beginning at the corner of Barton Springs Road and Robert E. Lee Road; thence southerly on Robert E. Lee Road to Rabb Road; continuing along Rabb Road which changes to Rae Dell to Barton Skyway; thence easterly along Barton Skyway to South Lamar Blvd; thence in a southerly direction on South Lamar Boulevard, past Westrock Drive approximately 500 feet; thence in a westerly direction to the center line of Barton Creek; thence following the center line of Barton Creek to Barton Springs Road; thence along Barton Springs Road to the place of the beginning. [revised 1995]

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