Skyway Studios at the Goodwill Site (2800 S. Lamar)

Foundation Communities is planning a new development at 2800 South Lamar, called Skyway Studios. The four-story project will include a new Goodwill store and a total of 109 low-income studio apartments.  Foundation Communities is purchasing two fourplexes on Skyway Circle. The land will be used for parking, mostly for the store. This new land use will require a rezoning of the two tracts from MF-3 to GR-V. No variances are requested at this point. The plan does not include vehicle access to the Goodwill store or to the studio apartments from Skyway Circle (and by extension from Barton Skyway).

Foundation Communities has a good record in Austin for building quality projects for low-income people and for managing them well. In their experience, most people who live there likely will not have a car and thus will mostly use the bus or a bicycle. They will not add to the ever-increasing traffic on South Lamar. We plan to have a presentation on this project during our April 30, 2013, membership meeting.

If you click the link below you will see four illustrations: The first shows the project from S. Lamar, the second from Skyway Circle, the third is the site plan, and the fourth the site plan superimposed over an area photograph.

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