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For instant notification about events and alerts concerning Barton Hills, subscribe to the Neighborhood Association List Server!

The BHNA List Server is a group email service that allows you to read, send, and reply to messages from other Association members who subscribe. The purpose of this service is to support better communication among neighborhood residents on topics of importance to the neighborhood.

The list server is a resource for instant communication throughout the neighborhood, used for significant notifications that can’t wait for the quarterly newsletter, for example, to notify subscribers of upcoming meetings, hearings, and police alerts that affect our neighborhood.

List server subscription is voluntary and limited to Association members. The subscription list is confidential and may not be released to non-members without permission of the Executive Committee. If you provide BHNA with your email address when you join, you’ll be automatically added to the list. You can remove yourself from the list at any time.

How to subscribe

Please make sure your membership dues are current, then send your request to:
Be sure to include your name and address so that your membership can be verified.

Questions about the list? Problems getting online? Need to change your address?

Send an email message for assistance to: Please be sure to include your name and address so that we can confirm your membership – we can’t always determine this from the email address.

How do I reduce the number of messages ?

For those who would like to avoid the flow of mail without leaving the group, there are several alternatives. You can receive a daily digest of messages instead of individual email notices, or you may choose to read the messages at the Yahoo web site instead of receiving them via email. BHNA member Gloria Hill provides these instructions:

1) Go to the Yahoo Groups Web site at

2) Click “Sign In” (upper left corner) and enter your Yahoo! ID (you will have to create one if you don’t already have one).

3) Once in, click “Edit Membership” (just above the title text that says “Barton_Hills · Barton Hills Neighborhood Association”)

4) Scroll to “Email Address” and be sure the one you want to use for messages is selected.

5) Scroll to “Message Delivery” and select from:

  • Individual Email. Receive each message as an individual email.
  • Daily Digest. Receive one email daily with a compilation of all messages from that day.
  • Special Notices. Only receive important notices from the group moderator via email.
  • Web Only. No email messages are sent, read BHNA messages only on the Yahoo web site.

6) Click “Save Changes”

Can I get a virus from the List Server ?

The BHNA Executive Committee made the decision to select the settings on the Yahoo list serve program to allow attachments. There is a remote chance that your computer could receive a message containing a virus. You should have an up-to-date virus prevention program active on your computer and always be wary of any attachments which you are not expecting.

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Problems? Questions?

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