Volunteer Duties

There are opportunities for every neighbor to participate in Neighborhood Watch. Click on a link below to learn more about each role. Then use our volunteer form to join us!

[slider title=”Automobile Patrol” group=”nw-volunteer”]Duties of the Neighborhood Watch Automobile Patrol

  • Neighborhood patrols are non-confrontational. Volunteers are not to get out of their cars.
  • Participants sign up to drive the neighborhood during peak crime hours.
  • They watch for suspicious activity around automobiles and homes.
  • If criminal activity is observed the patrol team will call 911 and report location.
  • Volunteers never attempt to apprehend. That is the duty of APD only.
  • Volunteers serve one hour per shift on mornings or evenings.
  • Neighborhood Watch Chairman will coordinate patrol evenings with Austin Police Department.
  • Volunteers must have their automobile clearly marked with Neighborhood Watch signs when patrolling the neighborhood after sunset.
  • Each automobile will have strong flashlights, notepad, pen, and a charged cell phone.
  • Signs and necessary equipment, other than cell phone, will be provided by BHNA.
  • NO WEAPONS of any kind are to be carried by volunteers while patrolling.
  • Patrol volunteers will receive training in observation and reporting.
  • Additional APD patrol training will be made available to volunteers throughout the year.

[slider title=”Block Leader” group=”nw-volunteer”]Duties of the Neighborhood Watch Block Leader

  • Meet all residents on your block.
  • Explain the purpose of the Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Enlist block residents to participate in the program to be aware of happenings on their block.
  • Explain procedures for reporting any suspicious person or activity to law enforcement.
  • Assist neighbors in identification of security needs.
  • Be aware of special needs of neighbors and city services maintenance needs.
  • Organize block activities to support Neighborhood Watch and neighborhood interaction.

[slider title=”Participant” group=”nw-volunteer”]Duties of a Neighborhood Watch Participant

  • Get to know your neighbors.
  • Exchange telephone numbers and emergency contact information.
  • Be alert to activity on your street. Know when something is suspicious.
  • Learn when and how to contact Austin Police Department to make a report.
  • Remember that Neighborhood Watch participants serve as eyes and ears only. They do not attempt to apprehend. That is the responsibility of law enforcement.


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