CodeNEXT impact on Barton Hills

Dear Neighbors,

As a sneak preview: the changes will be most significant in the areas closest to S. Lamar: The Westforest area and the area along Rae Dell east of Barton Skyway.

As you know, a new Land Development Code, called Code NEXT, is under review. You can read the proposed new Land Development code that was released in January at the link below. The zoning categories are described in chapter 23-4.

Here is the link to the zoning map that was released a month ago. You can move the map around and zoom in and zoom out.

There will be essentially two zoning codes. The Transect Zone will see significant changes In Barton Hills, these are the four Wests close to S. Lamar and Rae Dell east of Barton Skyway.

You also can use the link above to enter your feedback. You can comment on the code or you can comment specifically on the zoning of your property, You can enter your street address in the box to get your property.

Please submit your feedback on the code by June 7. You can comment on the proposed zoning map until July 7. The BHNA, as well as other organizations, are asking for an extension for the comment period, but we are uncertain whether this will be granted.

Best, Peter Hess
BHNA Area Development Coordinator

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Blues on the Green 2017 Information



  • Dates: May 24th, June 14th, July 12th, & Aug 2nd
  • Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm


  • Phone number for parking violations: 311


The event will be paying APD officers for the following services:

  • Traffic and pedestrian control at Barton Springs Road crosswalks in the park, as well as in the Robert E. Lee area
  • Neighborhood patrols for parking enforcement – call 311 to report a parking/safety issue



  • On air announcements on KGSR that promote alternative transportation (parking garages, bus routes, and biking)
  • Austin B-Cycle bikeshare marketing promoting using B-Cycle bikeshare transportation to event
  • Social media messaging about transportation options
  • Temporary digital signs on Mopac to inform the public of the event and to aid in traffic flow
  • Variable message boards prior to each event (slated for eastbound Barton Springs and north/southbound Lamar)
  • “No Parking” signage along southbound frontage from Rollingwood Drive to 2244
  • Phone number for parking violations: Austin 311
  • Barton Springs Pool will follow the regular schedule. Parking at the southgate lot location will be protected for pool users only.

PARKING/TRANSPORTATION green/getting-there

Parking Garages

  • One Texas Center – 764 vehicles
  • Austin High School – 600 vehicles
  • Palmer Events Center – 1200 spaces

On Site Parking

  • Stratford holds 800 vehicles
  • Polo Fields hold 1000 vehicles

Bike Parking is available on site, along with augmented B-cycle resources

Road Closure Map

No Parking Areas Map


April 25 BHNA General Meeting Agenda

Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
Meeting Agenda – April 25, 2017

1. Meeting Convenes – 7pm

2. Brief Announcements
– Welcome new members

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Neighborhood Committee Reports

  • Neighborhood Park Improvement – Melissa Hawthorne
  • Greenbelt Guardians – Glee Ingram
  • Emergency Preparedness – Susan Donaldson
  • Austin Neighborhood Council – David Poisson

6. Main Presentation – approximately 8pm

Peter Hess, BHNA Area Development Coordinator: Comprehensive review of CodeNext, the new land development code and accompanying map, and its potential impact on our neighborhood.

7. Meeting Adjourns

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