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Hi Neighbors,

A small group of Greenbelt Guardians will be working at Homedale tomorrow morning (Sunday), and we could really use a few more volunteers with strong backs to help us carry 60 lb. bags of mortar mix down the access trail. We’ll be doing some rock work at the bridge leading to the flats and Campbell’s Hole, finishing up a project that we started a few weeks ago when it was too wet to use mortar.

If that sounds like your kind of fun and you can help us tomorrow from around 9 until noon, please let me know!

Stan Ostrum


2017 Barton Hills Neighborhood Survey

Hi Neighbors

Hope everyone is enjoying our wonder spring!

The BHNA has put together a survey where we would like your input on the neighborhood association and related neighborhood events. We are trying to make our association as user friendly as possible and trying to get as many Barton Hills residents involved by coming to the quarterly meetings and our neighborhood sponsored events such as the Greenbelt Guardian workdays, 4th of July, School Park workdays, etc.

As you know we are not in a home owners association (with much larger mandatory dues) so our voluntary neighborhood nassociation really counts on the very small yearly $10 donation and of course we would like to get all approximate 1100 households signed up as members, regardless of the amount you and your family are able or willing to participate.

This survey will be post on the website, nexdoor, and the upcoming newsletter. We are four weeks out from the April 25th quarter BHNA meeting, so we are hoping to have a large amount of survey input to be able to report back at the meeting, as well as posting general results on the online forums.

As noted on the bottom of the survey we would like to know who you are and all participants will be kept confidential.

Please let us know what you think of the BHNA and what we can do to make it better for you!

See link below!

David Poisson
-BHNA President


2017 Nick Akery Scholarship

Calling all Graduating Seniors!!!!

If you have a 3.0 or above, attended Barton Hills Elementary for at least two consecutive years, and plan on pursuing a higher level of education after High School, you can apply for the Nick Akery Scholarship. The PTA awards this $1000.00 scholarship in honor of a much beloved former Principal.

Applications are due April 28th, 2017.

You can follow this link for the application, further requirements and deadlines:

Nick Akery Scholarship Application

(Please note that depending on your browser, the application may appear in your downloads folder.)

Please contact April Smith with questions at (512) 693-2665 or

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