Ann Kitchen speaks at BHNA General Meeting


New Austin City Council member and Barton Hills resident, Ann Kitchen, speaks to neighbors at the January BHNA quarterly meeting, inviting input and participation from our neighborhood and all in her district. Photo by Kay Killen


BHNA General Meeting Tuesday Jan. 27


NEIGHBORS–BHNA meets Tuesday, January 27th, at St. Mark’s Church. As usual, we’ll serve dinner at 6:00 pm and start the BHNA meeting at 7:00 pm. The agenda:

1. Presentation on the South Lamar Corridor Study. Here’s your opportunity to tell the City what you think and/or want to ask the City about the problems the apartments being built on Lamar.

2, A dialog with District 5 City Council Member (and, coincidentally, Barton Hills resident) ANN KITCHEN about our and her priorities for District 5 for the next few years.

3. A discussion, but no action, on proposals for INCREASING INVOLVEMENT in BHNA decisions, including offering child care for attendees at BHNA meetings, online voting, or other measures.

4. A discussion, but no action, on whether Barton Hills should pursue approval of a NEIGHBORHOOD PLAN by the City of Austin.

The subject matter of this meeting is much more meaty than most, so if you’re deciding whether this is one you should make time for, I’m telling you that it is.



ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND THE Barton Hills Garden Club meeting on Tuesday, January 27th, 9:30 am at the Zilker Botanical Garden

The topic will be: Rose Pruning and Care workshop
Speaker: Colleen Dieter, Landscape Consultant At Red Wheelbarrow

Rose pruning leads to healthier plants with more blooms, but it can be intimidating. We’ll demystify rose pruning through illustration and demonstration. Learn this unique method honed over 10 years that applies to virtually all varieties and sizes of roses.

Our speaker, Colleen Dieter, experienced her first encounter with the earth as a child when she dumped a bucket of sand on her brother’s head. Since then, Colleen has spent her time and energy cultivating an appreciation of the soil’s fertility, a practical understanding of the internal processes of plants, and a respect for the earth grounded in using organic methods.

Owner of Red Wheelbarrow Landscape Consulting, Colleen is a passionate and pragmatic horticulturalist. Colleen enjoys sharing her expertise while addressing each client’s specific needs. Her primary goals for every job are to establish a comfortable rapport with clients where they feel their voices are heard. She believes that our yards are an extension of our homes, and takes to heart her role to help increase each property’s value as well as enhance the client’s peace of mind.

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