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2642 Barton Hills Drive
Saturday, June 7, 8:00-Noon

Please join us for another Greenbelt Guardians work day on Barton Creek. To celebrate National Trails Day, we will be working on the Gus Fruh trail, from 8 am to Noon. We plan to repair areas damaged by the heavy rains on the switchback trail, replace the old split-rail fence at the entry, and continue the work on the retaining wall and steps down by the swimming area. We’ll also weed and repair the edging along the entrance area, cut back dead or overgrown branches, and pick up trash. We’re feeling ambitious!

We’ve got tasks for all ages and abilities, team leaders to provide direction, and tools to help with the work. As always, the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association will be providing breakfast tacos to help get us started.

Please sign up on the Austin Parks Foundation website, under Barton Creek Greenbelt, Gus Fruh entrance, Greenbelt Guardians. If you have questions about the work day, contact either Glee or Stan. We look forward to another companionable and productive work day.

Glee Ingram & Stan Ostrum
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinators



PLEASE JOIN YOUR FRIENDS & Neighbors for the next quarterly meeting of the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association!!!!

When?:            Tuesday April 29th. As usual, dinner and socializing will begin at 6:00pm. The meeting will convene at 7:00pm and conclude by 9:00pm.

Where?:         St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

What?:           In addition to reports from officers and committee chairs, we will discuss:

(1)         POLITICS: How will BHNA approach City Council elections under the new 10-1 system? Some neighborhood associations may hold their own candidate forums, issue briefings, etc., while other associations may combine to hold joint candidate forums or events. Some neighborhood associations may vote to endorse candidates, while others say they won’t. What does BHNA want to do?

(2)         MONEY: Thanks to prudent fiscal management, BHNA has accumulated about $26,000 in its bank account. How much of this do we need to keep in the bank as a reserve for unforeseen contingencies? How much do we want to invest in things that would improve the neighborhood? What are those things?

(3)         TAXES: Why are our property taxes so high? What can we do about it?

Who?:              For #1 and #2, your humble president (I’m using a lower case “p” to tamp down expectations) will facilitate the discussion.For #3, we will have Bruce Elfant, Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector, and Marya Crigler, Chief Appraiser of the Travis Central Appraisal District, speak to us. If you want answers from the top, it don’t get no better than that!

Tom Nuckols
BHNA President


Photo by Sam Butler
Update: The annual Zilker Kite Festival scheduled for Mar. 9
that was postponed due to weather from Mar. 2 has been cancelled.

The City will be implementing the same neighborhood no-parking signage as utilized for the Austin City Limits Festival and the Trail of Lights in full scale this year in the Zilker and Barton Hills area.

Parking Restriction Signage

  • NO PARKING SIGNAGE will be installed February 28.
  • These signs are valid upon installation, PLEASE ADHERE TO THE SIGNAGE.
  • It will be actively enforced during event hours.

The restricted parking area signage will stay UP and remain valid during this time period. It will be actively enforced during event hours.

A neighborhood call-in line will once again be available at 512-633-8507

Examples of what to call in:

  • Parking within 30′ of the approach to a stop sign.
  • Parking or blocking within 15′ of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking left wheel to curb.  (cars parked facing against traffic).
  • If a car blocks YOUR driveway.  Some neighbors may permit people to block their OWN driveway.
  • Illegal vending/sales questions in the immediate festival area.

Helpful Neighborhood Reminders:

  • Please don’t put barriers in the street. It is public property and the police remove them.
  • Restricted parking areas are prohibited parking areas for all persons.
  • Immobilized cars should be moved out of restricted parking areas.

Zilker Park And Barton Spring Pool Details:

  • Barton Springs Pool is open AT ALL TIMES during normal hours. The southgate lot is currently closed for construction use of the south side of the pool. Access and ADA parking to the pool during road closure times is via Mopac, enter the “permit parking lane”
  • Zilker Park – Rugby Field, Picnic Areas, parking lots, Playscape (South of Barton Springs Road)
  • Open until roads close (to allow cars to be removed safely before patrons arise)
  • In addition, Auditorium Shores and Butler Park will be open at all times for park users if person want to avoid a crowd.
  • There is NO fencing being installed to close the park for this event.
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