Hello Neighbors,

As a result of actions through the BHNA listserve, Disaster Preparedness Committee and Executive Committee, I am please to announce there will be FIRE DANGER alert signs for the neighborhood and greenbelt printed by this Tuesday.

Attached is the sign designed by our own Nina Miller, facilitated by Miriam Joffe and inspired by your suggestions.  We hope you approve!  Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and help, and continue to make this project a priority!

We are printing 50 plastic foam-core signs w/wire hangers for distribution on Tuesday.  We will first post signage at critical points around the greenbelt and in Barton Hills–using minimally 30 signs.   The remainder will be available to neighbors.

We need your help.

1)  Sign Locations:  Send Kay Killen specific addresses/locations/greenbelt accesses you feel strongly need a sign.  Reply with “LOCATION” in the subject line.  Keep it brief–only an address, intersection or location, where people have access.  I’ve already started a spreadsheet and will share later.

2)  Sign Availability:  After all signs have been assigned to specific spots, the remainder will be available to residents, and a location provided on the listserve where to pick them up.  If there’s a huge outpouring of interest/need, we may need to print more than 50 signs, especially if we receive some donations!

3)  Distribution:  We MAY need additional adults to facilitate distribution on Tuesday.  There is a generous offer of local teenagers to plant signs for some of their public service outreach – thank you — However, anyone interested, please EMAIL Kay if you can help on Tuesday.

3)  Donations Welcome!  If you would like to contribute to the BHNA 2011 Fire Danger Sign Project, please write your checks to:  BH Neighborhood Assn, “Fire Danger Sign Project”, give me a call, and I will personally come pick up your check, OR let us know you’re sending a check to: P.O. Box 2042, Austin, 78768-2042.

4)  Web site Update:   Nina has formatted the sign for easy printing if you’d like to distribute to neighbors, walkers, visitors, local markets, eateries, etc.  FYI-the BHNA website is a wealth of FIRE PROTECTION information and showcases the updated FireWise bulletin for preparedness.  Check it out!

Click below to download a PDF version of the sign to print. 

5)  Remember:  the most critical element in all this is your individual Oversight and Vigilance, especially with all the new people in town for Austin City Limits Festival.  Let’s all be friendly and courteous, yet firm in our convictions to protect our greenbelt and homes.  REPORT any fire dangers to 911, and take notes on the situation to identify who did what and where.  ALWAYS be prepared to provide a CROSS STREET for reference when you place your call.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Kay Killen


Click to view/print (9.9MB PDF)

Preparing for the devastation of wildfire can protect your family, property and livelihood. If the time comes for you to leave your headquarters or homestead behind, you will want to know that you have done everything possible ahead of time to prevent costly losses.

Successfully preparing for a wildfire requires you to take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and your property. Published by the Texas Forest Service, the Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Action Plan is designed to give you the tips and tools you need to prepare and be successful.


Greenbelt Fans,

This notice of our upcoming work day on Barton Creek Greenbelt comes with the first forecast for cooler weather! The Greenbelt Guardians will be hosting work projects at both the Homedale Trail and the Gus Fruh Trail on September 24, from 9 – Noon, to help celebrate National Public Lands Day. We will provide team leaders and tools and tasks at both trails – plus our delicious tacos and homemade cookies to boost our energy. The focus at Homedale Trail will be doing weeding, maintenance and tidying of the entry area, some minor trail repair work, and invasives removal work near the rock flats, plus trash pick-up. The focus at Gus Fruh Trail will be entry area maintenance, invasives removal, and rock wall work by the swimming hole.

We will be part of a larger volunteer effort being organized by the the Austin Parks Foundation, which is coordinating the registration for numerous projects along the greenbelt, led by various volunteer groups. The Hill Country Conservancy will be providing a post-work picnic celebration at Zilker Park to help celebrate the event. We hope to have lots of hands on deck, with a major focus on invasive plant removal, now that the endangered birds have completed their nesting season. The drought has weakened even the Ligustrum, so we want to take advantage of this window of opportunity to reduce their population even further. You can get further information on this special work day at the following APF websites: To get more information on the whole event, go to these Austin Parks Foundation website addresses: National Public Lands Day on Barton Creek Greenbelt

Please RSVP to me at this address, and also register at the Austin Parks Foundation website.  You will see both Gus Fruh and Homedale listed as options. We look forward to another day of helping care for this wonderful wilderness park while enjoying the company of others who share our love of this place.

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinator
(512) 443-7522

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