Saturday, November 6, 9:00 AM – 12:30- PM

Greenbelt Fans,

This is to notify that we will be working only from the Spyglass Trail entry to the greenbelt this coming Saturday, 11/6, from 9:00 – 12:30. We had originally planned to also work at Homedale Trail access, but have decided to focus on continuing with aggressive invasives removal at Spyglass Trail. It is one of the most infested areas, and we want to continue the positive momentum.

We can use more volunteers, so please RSVP if you can lend a hand. We want to make sure we have plenty of tools and food for the work day.

All who come, PLEASE wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants and closed toe shoes. Also bring your favorite work gloves if you have some, if not, we can provide. Some folks got into poison ivy last work day, so we encourage all to use the Poison Ivy block that we provide.

We will have some tacos to get us started, then we will go into full work mode: 1) Ligustrum removal with chainsaws, handsaws and herbicide, or weed wrenches. 2) Nandina removal with shovels or weed wrenches (depends on soil moisture). 3) Windrow construction using pruners and loppers. Also trash pick-up.

This work day will close out our 2010 work cycle. Thanks to all who participated and helped us make a difference by restoring habitat, repairing trails, and keeping the area cleared of debris.

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinator
(512) 443-7522


Hats off to Kay Killen!

Many thanks to Kay Killen, a long-standing neighbor and activist in Barton Hills. She is moving after more than 16 years of service to the neighborhood. We say “Hats off to you, Kay!” We wish you well in all your future endeavors and you will always have an honorary membership here.

Kay's cake

Cake for Kay at the Oct. BHNA Meeting

Hats on

Hats worn at Oct. BHNA meeting to honor Kay

Hats on for Kay

Hat fashions inspired by Kay

Kay and cake

The fabulous Kay Killen

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Congratulations to your 2011 BHNA Officers!

President – Craig Smith
Vice President – Melissa Hawthorne
Treasurer – Ellen Pitluk
Secretary – Meredith Weiss
Newsletter Editor – Jennifer Ellen Cook
Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative – Jeff Embree

And thanks to the outgoing officers:

President – Wendy Papasan
Vice President – Penley McQueen
Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative – Kay Killen


Wendy Papasan
President, Barton Hills Neighborhood Assn.

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