We had our day in the sun!

1) the community service kids moved lots of BIG stones (one estimated at 1200 lbs.!) to create edging for our “native revegetation” bed at the trailhead, and for a large stone safety step at the bottom of the trail;

2) 16 cubic yards of planting soil was wheelbarrowed from the street to the new planting bed & spread;

3) 10 cubic yards of topmulch was wheelbarrowed from the street to the new planting bed & spread;

4) 21 native trees were planted along the top entry trail and in the new planting bed;

5) some of our collected native seeds were planted in the new amended planting beds;

6) mounds and piles of nandina and ligustrum were extracted and now serve as erosion filters along the steep hillside trail;

7) the trailhead was weeded and the stone edging was repaired;

8) the ligustrum and chinaberry stumps in the revegetation bed were treated with “stump remover” to keep them from resprouting (the Parks Dept. provided crew to remove the tangle of large ligustrum and chinaberry trees to make room for our revegetation project – last Tuesday the area looked a bit like a war zone);

9) trash was collected on the upper hillside, along the trail, and in the lower creek bed;

You are invited to visit the trail to meet our newly planted tree friends: mountain laurel, montezuma cypress, mexican buckeye, wafer ash, golden leadball, eastern red cedar, burr oak, and lacey oak.

Glee Ingram