If you’ve lived in the neighborhood at least a year, you know that the 4th of July Parade is a big to-do, but it can’t happen without YOU!

Volunteers are needed for these tasks:

  • Running the games after the parade (watermelon seed spitting, sack race, etc.)
  • Bringing 2 filled piñatas and supervising their destruction (one for little kids, one for big)
  • Making about 6 posters to advertise the big event and setting them up at key intersections in the neighborhood about a week before the parade. (This one is great for tween kids with too much summer looming before them.)
  • Set up and decorations the morning of the parade (8:00 am)
  • Take down and clean up after the festivities
  • Bringing cookies or donating a watermelon (or both!)
  • Donating about 200 cups and napkins
  • Letting us use your large Igloo water cooler

Please contact Cindy Bogard (912-9770) if you can help with any of these!

Lisa Farenkamp has volunteered to coordinate cookies again this year (thanks Lisa). Please contact her at 444-3211 to arrange for a cookie donation in advance or to let her know that you’ll bring them the morning of the parade.

The parade will be on Monday the 4th
. We will gather at the Barton Hills Market at 8:30 and will march to the school where there will be judging for the best decorated wagons, stroller, walkers, etc., patriotic music and brief speeches, cookies and watermelon, and games. A lot of fun, but only if everyone joins in.