As promised, here are some survey results from the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association survey. Please keep in mind that the survey ended at 100 responses, which is approximately 30% of listserv members, and that respondents were able to check more than one answer so the percentages don’t equal 100%.

How important are the following neighborhood issues to you?

Very important
Greenbelt safety and sanitation 79.8%
Quality of Barton Hills Elementary 68.4
Greenbelt maintenance 66.7
Success of local businesses 66.2
Traffic patterns affected by new development 59.6
Graffiti 57.1
Lending a hand to neighbors who could use help 51.0
Litter 50.0
Getting to know my neighbors better 47.0
Additional yellow signs and crosswalks 37.8

What else, if anything, do you want to tell us about living in the neighborhood or about the neighborhood association?

-I wish that that participation in the process that result in development rules for the neighborhood were truly more open to the neighborhood…when I attend meetings, a few people are in control and not much is accomplished.

-Trying to change the traffic pattern of cars blocking traffic Barton Hills while waiting for their kids to get out of school. Not only does it block traffic but I almost got hit on my bicycle when an SUV veered into the bike lane to avoid the standstill of cars on Barton Hills. Can’t they stage on Homedale?

-Maybe some organized/pick-up soccer game in the park? The 13 year population is getting tired of playing soccer in the ditch.

-Keeping the area in line with city and subdivision restrictions.


-I would like to see our neighborhood make a coordinated effort to become more green by setting some energy or water usage goals.

-Doo poo clean-up at the park. There are signs and bags but no one uses them.

-Property owners, including St. Mark’s, taking responsibility for street-side areas such as trimming low-hanging branches and cleaning up garbage and leaves.

-Quality, lowrise development on South Lamar.

-Overall safety.

-Speeding cars on Barton Skyway and Barton Hills Drive.

-Increased traffic due to development and Zilker Park events. Why can’t the city route traffic to Lamar instead of through our neighborhood?

Stay tuned for more results, including What Can You Do to Help BHNA? and What Can BHNA do better?