The Trail of Lights is a treasured Austin tradition that delights thousands of children and adults alike during the holiday season. Since the event is held in Zilker Park and involves nightly closure of Barton Springs Road from Dec. 5 through Dec. 22, it impacts our neighborhood significantly. The City has worked closely with our Neighborhood Association to address concerns including neighborhood parking, access to the Park and Barton Springs pool, and increased traffic on our residential streets.

The City has provided us with a wealth of information included below to help you prepare for the Trail of Lights.

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  • Dec. 4, 7:30-10 PM – Preview Party (sponsored event), Stratford closed.
  • Dec. 5, 7:30-10 PM 5K Run, road closures begin at 3 PM, end at 11 PM
  • Dec. 6-7, 7-10 PM – Private, Neighborhood night, childrens’ charities, Stratford closed.
  • Dec. 8-10, 7-10 PM – Public Free Night, one lane closure on Barton Springs begins at 4 PM, ends at 11 PM
  • Dec. 11-13, 7-10 PM – Public Free Night, road closures begin at 4 PM, end at 11 PM
  • Dec. 14-15, 7-10 PM – Public Free Night, one lane closure on Barton Springs begins at 4 PM, ends at 11 PM
  • Dec. 16-18, 7-10 PM – Public Pay Night, road closures begin at 5:30 PM, end at 11 PM
  • Dec. 19-22, 7-10 PM – Public Pay Night, road closures begin at 4 PM, end at 11 PM

Road closures

  • Barton Springs Road – Mopac to Lamar
  • Stratford Road – Barton Springs to Mopac

Shuttle Schedule

Shuttles run Dec. 11-13 and 16-22 from Burger Center and Republic Square Park (see Trail of Lights web site for details)

  • Shuttles depart from 5:30 to 8:30 PM
  • Return shuttles run until 10:30 PM

Neighborhood Patrol

  • 4 officers and 1 sergeant – roving 5 PM until approximately 11 PM daily. This dedicated unit will be roving and responding to issues/concerns throughout the impacted neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Call-In Line

  • Call-In Line: 512-970-8891


  • NO PARKING SIGNAGE will be installed Monday December 1.
  • The signs will NOT be actively enforced by patrols, but should be adhered to in all locations.
  • TIP: If you have guests coming over, it is suggested to park your car on street in legal unsigned areas, and then allow your guests to park in the driveway, if applicable.
  • On site parking can be purchased online only and not on site. There will be a limited number available each night and the permits must be presented prior to entering the parking area.

General Violations

Examples of what to call in:

  • Parking within 30′ of the approach to a stop sign.
  • Parking or blocking within 15′ of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking left wheel to curb. (cars parked facing against traffic).
  • If a car blocks YOUR driveway. Some neighbors may permit people to block their OWN driveway.
  • Illegal vending/sales questions in the immediate festival area.

Helpful Reminders

  • Please don’t put barriers in the street. It is public property and the police remove them.
  • Restricted parking areas are prohibited parking areas for all persons.
  • Immobilized cars should be moved out of restricted parking areas.

Noise Complaints

  • Neighborhood call-in line, 512-970-8891 or 311.

Zilker Park And Barton Springs Pool Details

  • Barton Springs Pool is open AT ALL TIMES during normal hours. Drive-in access and ADA parking to the pool during road closure times via Mopac and Andrew Zilker on the WEST side of the park.
  • Zilker Park – Rugby Field, Picnic Areas, parking lots, playscape (South of Barton Springs Road)
    • Open daily until roads close (to allow cars to be removed safely before patrons arrive)
    • The entire upper area of the Great Lawn will remain open. In addition, Auditorium Shores and Butler Park will be open at all times for park users

    Litter Control

    • Trash Pods – located at Lou Neff and Stratford, Robert E Lee and Barton Springs, along Robert E. Lee west sidewalk, and at the trailhead area south of the southgate parking area.
    • Neighborhood wide litter control carts will be placed out throughout the neighborhood to provide readily available litter containment and collected daily.