Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
Meeting Agenda – April 26, 2016

1. Meeting Convenes

2. Brief Announcements:

  • 4th of July Marshal Announcement
  • Blues on the Green Dates

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report – Stan Ostrum

5. ANC Report – Kay Killen

6. Neighborhood Committee Reports:

  • Neighborhood Park Improvement – Roy Smithers
  • Greenbelt Guardians – Glee Ingram
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Area Development – Peter Hess
  • Emergency Preparedness – Susan Donaldson
  • Traffic Calming – Vanessa Gonzalez

7. Traffic Presentation;
– Bike Lane, Traffic Calming, BHE Sidewalks, Homedale Traffic
Laura Dierenfield, Mike Schofield, COA Active Transportation Department

8. Other Business

9. Meeting Adjourns

AGENDA UPDATE: The Planned Outdoor Concert Venue at The Long Center will also be discussed. See attached document Skyline Theatre Neighborhood Info.pdf. Additional information has been posted to the neighborhood listserve.