Barton Hills Drive is scheduled for routine street maintenance (resurfacing) in the next few months. By coordinating with this resurfacing, the Austin Transportation Department (ATD) has the opportunity to modify the street striping with little to no effect on project cost and duration. ATD is assessing restriping options that could improve safety and mobility for all road users.

Typical proposed striping along Barton Hills Drive will have a two-way protected bikeway on the west side of the street and a parking lane on the east side of the street as shown in Figure 1. Special design consideration will be given to improved pedestrian crossings in response to numerous requests from citizens.


In order to add bicycle facilities on Barton Hills Drive, on-street motor vehicle parking will be prohibited at certain locations as listed below and in Figure 2. To relieve congestion on Barton Hills Drive during school pick-up and drop-off times, a westbound right turn lane will be added to facilitate entry into the elementary driveway. Homedale Drive will remain open to two-way traffic as listed below and in Figure 3. In addition, inorder to enable the construction of sidewalks on Briarcrest Drive, approximately 350 feet of the south side of Briarcrest Drive will have parking prohibited.

? Barton Hills Drive (from Robert E. Lee to Barton Skyway) – prohibit parking on the west side of the street.


In order to ensure the most appropriate allocation of street space, ATD is seeking feedback from local residents and other users of this street prior to determining final plans. You can obtain additional information about this mobility project and provide feedback at an open house on Tuesday, June 28, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the library of Barton Hills Elementary School, 2108 Barton Hills Drive, Austin, TX 78704. Feedback based on local experience frequently results in improvements to initial project proposals. If necessary, modifications to this proposal can be made after input received at the open house. If you cannot attend this open house and have questions or comments, please contact Mike Schofield at 974-7834 or

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