Hi Neighbors,

Below is the agenda for the BHNA meeting coming up in two weeks on October 25th. Of note we will have the project directors of the traffic calming/bike lane projects speaking as a follow up to the project. We will also have a representative from the new Bluebonnet Studio apartment talking about their completed affordable housing apartment at South Lamar and Del Curto.

Last but not least, it will be elections for the 2017 BHNA executive committee. At this point we have the Vice President and Austin Neighborhood Council positions open.

This is your chance to become involved in our neighborhood and continue to make it the best in Austin. We have a very politically active and progressive neighborhood, and a great group of people on the executive committee working for the neighborhood. For all of those who feel things should or could be different, this is your chance to contribute and help direct the future of our neighborhood. Step up to the plate and join us. It is painless !!!

See you on the 25th!

David Poisson
BHNA President


Barton Hills Neighborhood Association

Meeting Agenda – October 25, 2016

1. Meeting Convenes

2. Brief Announcements

  • Welcome new members

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. ANC Report– Kay Killen

  • vote on ANC agenda item

6. BHNA Elections for 2017

7. Neighborhood Committee Reports:

  • Neighborhood Park Improvement – Roy Smithers
  • Greenbelt Guardians – Stan Ostrum
  • Traffic Calming – Vanessa Gonzalez

8. Traffic Calming/Bike Lane Wrap Up – 8pm

  • COA Transportation: Laura Dierenfield and Mike Schofield

9. Foundation Communities: Nancy Maclaine

  • Discussion about Bluebonnet Studios

10. Meeting Adjourns