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Hi Neighbors,

I had a long and very cordial chat with Jason Maurer (PARD) this week regarding ongoing ACL issues in Barton Hills, specifically litter and bad driving. I very much appreciate the time he took to listen to our issues and to let me know what the city and C3 have tried, will try or will consider.

1. They are thinking about placing a directional sign at Barton Skyway and Barton Hills to remind/teach people that BS doesn’t cross the greenbelt to Mopac. I told him that we have many people driving in circles, trying to get out of the ‘hood due to this anomaly. Hopefully, there will be a sign this year if they can get to it in time. (I still have the sign frames from the old BHNA meeting signs and can attach some rudimentary directionals leading people back to Lamar to the frames. Any GFX designers who are handy with a Sharpie?)

2. They are trying to control litter as best as they can within the park system but one problem is that festival-goers drink in the neighborhoods and then toss their open bottle/can before approaching the police officers at Barton Springs Road. Unfortunately, that leaves our streets and yards as garbage cans for those who can’t manage their litter. I might put out one of my boxes with a sign that says, “drop your can here instead of in my yard”.

3. There will be six uniformed officers roaming Barton Hills, Zilker and Bouldin from 10 am to 11 pm each day. The phone number to call IF YOU HAVE AN ACL-RELATED ISSUE is below. Please call 911 for your garden-variety emergency and use the ACL number if someone is blocking your driveway, is drunk and disorderly, etc. Hopefully, one of the six officers will be able to help you asap.

4. Shuttle buses and other transportation: I asked him the obvious question: why are there no shuttles from Toney Burger or Barton Creek Square? Farmer’s Market takes up Burger on Saturday and most shuttle riders are Austin visitors who are riding from downtown hotels. 35% of festival-goers take the shuttle and one can park in most of the downtown buildings to access the shuttle (pass this on to your friends). They have doubled the size of the bike racks at the festival site and are setting aside a large space near Barton Springs (north side) for moped and scooter parking.

I think that covers it. I invited Jason to drive his golf cart up to Spring Creek/Trailside/Briargrove so he can check out what it is like for the neighborhood. He knows Barton Hills well and knows it’s a bit of a struggle for those of us on the north side but reiterated how much C3 and PARD appreciates our patience for the three+ days.

Neighborhood Call In Line (for festival related concerns)
512-320-0406  (prime neighborhood call-in number)
Staffed 11:00 am – 10:30 pm daily on EVENT days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
At some points, the line may be busy with another caller depending on call volume.

Kimberly White Erlinger
President, Barton Hills Neighborhood Association

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