I wanted to confirm that we will be working at both the Gus Fruh trail area and the Homedale trail area this coming Saturday, which is National Public Lands Day. We’re part of a much larger effort being organized through the Austin Parks Foundation to do work at the Homedale and Spyglass areas, and along the main trail from Spyglass entry upstream to the Gus Fruh trail. A lot of the emphasis will be on invasives removal, now that the nesting birds have completed their mission. At Gus Fruh, the rock wall work will also continue. We will also do some minor trail repairs and clean-up.

In preparation for this work day, John Cook, PARD’s Barton Creek Greenbelt manager, met with a fire safety expert to get advice on how to best safely manage our work during this severe drought with accentuated fire hazards. Many trees are desiccated and dying from lack of water. John asked about the safety of our practice of creating windrows to deal with the large amounts of biomass produced by cutting down the large invasive trees. The advisor said that as long as the windrows are packed tight, close to the ground, and with minimal air flow potential, they are a practical and safe solution. He said it is safer to cut them down than to leave them standing with their dried leaves, which can act a bit like roman candles, sending the flames upward into the canopies. In working with smaller stems, limbs, and canes, he advised defoliating them and splitting the forks, and scattering them about on the ground to decompose rapidly. Where we can do so, he supported our efforts to chip the trunks and large limbs into mulch and spread it near the cleared area. It was reassuring to hear his positive assessment of our practices.

For this work day, we will have help from E-Corps and some of our experienced volunteers in using chainsaws to remove large invasive trees, and we will have volunteers working alongside them to immediately form tight windrows. We will also be hauling some of the large trunks and dried wood to the main trail near Spyglass to stockpile for chipping later next week. The chipped wood/mulch will decompose more rapidly and when it is spread, will help hold moisture in the soil (whenever we get it!) and reduce soil temperatures.

In the spirit of fire preparedness, we would like to invite our neighbors who back up to or live near the greenbelt to work in their own backyards or adjacent greenbelt areas this Saturday to clear out deadwood and reduce the risk of fire. The City picks up yard waste every week if it is left at the curbside, either in tied bundles or in trash cans. If you RSVP here, we will add you to our workday list and you can sign in at the Gus Fruh trail entry between 8:30 and 9:00, enjoy a breakfast taco and the group camaraderie, then return to your yard to do your own clearing work. If you need to borrow some tools, let us know right away, so we can have them available for you at the trailhead.

REGISTER for National Public Lands Day projects at the Barton Creek Greenbelt

We’re looking forward to another good work day, and thank you for your support!

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinator
(512) 443-7522

Greenbelt Fans,

This notice of our upcoming work day on Barton Creek Greenbelt comes with the first forecast for cooler weather! The Greenbelt Guardians will be hosting work projects at both the Homedale Trail and the Gus Fruh Trail on September 24, from 9 – Noon, to help celebrate National Public Lands Day. We will provide team leaders and tools and tasks at both trails – plus our delicious tacos and homemade cookies to boost our energy. The focus at Homedale Trail will be doing weeding, maintenance and tidying of the entry area, some minor trail repair work, and invasives removal work near the rock flats, plus trash pick-up. The focus at Gus Fruh Trail will be entry area maintenance, invasives removal, and rock wall work by the swimming hole.

We will be part of a larger volunteer effort being organized by the the Austin Parks Foundation, which is coordinating the registration for numerous projects along the greenbelt, led by various volunteer groups. The Hill Country Conservancy will be providing a post-work picnic celebration at Zilker Park to help celebrate the event. We hope to have lots of hands on deck, with a major focus on invasive plant removal, now that the endangered birds have completed their nesting season. The drought has weakened even the Ligustrum, so we want to take advantage of this window of opportunity to reduce their population even further. You can get further information on this special work day at the following APF websites: To get more information on the whole event, go to these Austin Parks Foundation website addresses: National Public Lands Day on Barton Creek Greenbelt

Please RSVP to me at this address, and also register at the Austin Parks Foundation website.  You will see both Gus Fruh and Homedale listed as options. We look forward to another day of helping care for this wonderful wilderness park while enjoying the company of others who share our love of this place.

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinator
(512) 443-7522


Greenbelt fans,

Below is an invitation to a special summer work day on Barton Creek trail, sponsored and organized by the Austin Parks Foundation. The goal is to gather stone and rubble rock and stockpile it near the base of a very large and valuable Cedar Elm tree, where storm waters have eroded the banks. When the water is up, this area provides a nice wide swimming hole. The stones will be gathered from the creek bed.

I hope some of you will be inspired to participate – you will gain “highest virtue” points for participation!

Stay cool,

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardians Coordinator
(512) 443-7522

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From: Charlie McCabe
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 12:02:24 -0500
To: Glee Ingram
Subject: Special Barton Creek Greenbelt Workday – Sat, July 16th 9 am to noon.

Please join us for our next Barton Creek Greenbelt Volunteer Day – Saturday, July 16th 9 am to noon. Our Barton Creek Trail Corps is beginning work on rebuilding a section of stream bank just east of the Mopac bridges and they need our help to gather and haul both gravel and good sized rocks for fill material behind the big rocks that they’ll be putting into place. We’ll use buckets and rock cradles to do our work and we’ll supply jugs of water, gloves and tools.

We’ll meet at the Twin Falls/Gaines Creek Access Trail, just off South Mopac Expressway frontage road.

If heading south on Mopac, exit for Loop 360 North. You’ll come to the intersection and traffic signal at Loop 360. Continue straight across onthe frontage road (don’t get onto Mopac Southbound) and you’ll see a row of cars parked on the shoulder. Park and walk to the trailhead, which is where the guardrail begins.

If heading north on Mopac, exit for Loop 360 North. Stay in the left hand lane. You’ll come to the intersection and traffic signal at Loop 360. Turn left onto Loop 360 and get into the left turn lane, turning left at the traffic signal onto the southbound frontage road (don’t get onto Mopac Southbound) and you’ll see a row of cars parked on the shoulder. Park and walk to the trailhead, which is where the guardrail begins.

Date: Saturday, July 16, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

If you’d like to attend this event you can RSVP online here –

If you have any questions, please contact Charlie McCabe @

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