Greenbelt Guardian workday report

We have some very dedicated neighbors! Despite showers & drizzle and a forecast for thunderstorms, 32 people showed up at the Gus Fruh Greenbelt Trail on Saturday morning and put in a collective effort of 95 volunteer work hours!

The meadow and trailside have been relieved of a massive infestation of hitchhiker sticker weeds (two truckloads full of plastic bags), rock borders along the trail were repaired, several of the cross-trail water bars were reconstructed, and massive piles of nandina and ligustrum now serve as water filters, erosion control devices, and wildlife habitat shelter. The weed wrenches have lost their new bright orange gleam and sport mud streaks and small nicks, marks of honor. It was a great day of convivial, collaborative work.

Thanks to all who came and shared their energy, innovativeness, humor, and dedication. And thanks to the Austin Parks Foundation for helping to promote the day and provide snacks and tee shirts. And thanks to the BHNA for so consistently and enthusiastically supporting the program.

We will be at the Gus Fruh trail on our next workday also, which is planned for Saturday, July 17.

Glee Ingram

BHNA Greenbelt Guardian Coordinator



Hello Greenbelt Lovers,

I wanted to send out an advance notice of our next work day so you can save a place on your calendar. On April 24, we will be participating as a host park for the city-wide It’s My Park Day, sponsored by the Austin Parks Foundation. We will be working on the Gus Fruh Trail to Barton Creek, at 2642 Barton Hills Drive, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

There are some special “perks” offered if you register for the work day through the Austin Parks Foundation website (e.g. a free tee shirt and some refreshments). Sign up is fast and easy with this online form. Be sure to indicate your affiliation with BHNA and specify “Barton Creek Greebelt” as your “Park of Interest.”

I will also be keeping a tally of people who rsvp to me. We  need to have a good idea of how many people are coming so we can have plenty of tasks, tools, and materials on site for the work day.

There will be more information about the work day in the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association newsletter coming out soon, and at the BHNA neighborhood association meeting scheduled on Tuesday, April 13. I’ll send out a couple more reminders also. Please email me if you have any

questions, or want to pass on the name of someone you know who might want to participate.

Come enjoy spring on the greenbelt! It is glorious.

Glee Ingram

BHNA Greenbelt Guardian Coordinator



Greenbelt Guardian Work Days

We have set the Greenbelt Guardian work days for the rest of this year. They are:

April 24, which corresponds with the date for It’s My Park! Day, a citywide event sponsored by Austin Parks Foundation and the City of Austin.

July 16, which features the courageous who come out to work in the long, hot dog days of summer.

October 16, the week-end before the National Trails Conference being held in Austin, which will feature a field trip to our Homedale Trail as an exemplary “natural public space in an urban environment”.

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