A group of neighbors have combined efforts with BHE parents to formulate a park improvement plan for the park grounds adjacent to the elementary school. This plot of land is co-owned by the city and the district which makes for an interesting predicament of not much ownership by either entity. It’s been in decline and is now really suffering due to erosion issues caused by our recent drought.

We surveyed the community in June 2011 and held multiple focus group sessions in the fall of 2011 to get a bottoms-up list of ideas to improve the park. Many, many ideas have been tossed around and we are now ready to start the planning phase. This will be a very exciting project partnering with the city through the Public Works Neighborhood Partnering Program.

Let’s build a park that students can enjoy during the school day and that the community can enjoy after school hours. Gatherings in the park are just around the corner … Let’s make it happen!

Please see the attached PDF version of our presentation for details.

Cherylann Campbell – TCampbell19@austin.rr.com
Kathleen Schneeman – Kathleen.Schneeman@gmail.com