Greenbelt Guardian Work Days

We have set the Greenbelt Guardian work days for the rest of this year. They are:

April 24, which corresponds with the date for It’s My Park! Day, a citywide event sponsored by Austin Parks Foundation and the City of Austin.

July 16, which features the courageous who come out to work in the long, hot dog days of summer.

October 16, the week-end before the National Trails Conference being held in Austin, which will feature a field trip to our Homedale Trail as an exemplary “natural public space in an urban environment”.


March 9 Exec. Committee Meeting Notes

Notes from the March 9 Executive Committee Meeting are now available on our web site. Find out what’s on the agenda for the April 13 General Meeting!


Our new neighborhood handbook includes a wealth of helpful information, including the history of Barton Hills, tips on tree care, healthy landscape practices, dealing with foundation problems, zoning and building permit information, and much more.

Find out how to get one for your new neighbor (and one for you, too) here.

The new Barton Hill Neighborhood Handbook includes a fascinating chapter on the history of our treasured neighborhood, authored by Dick Kallerman. We’ve published this chapter online for your reading enjoyment, along with an original newspaper ad from 1956 which proclaimed Barton Hills as “the world’s largest air-conditioned subdivision.”

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