Hello Greenbelt Fans,

The wheel of the year has turned to spring, and we are just weeks away from our most ambitious work day of the year, when we will work at both of our adopted trails for the It’s My Park Day! event sponsored by the Austin Parks Foundation. This is our third year to participate in this program, when citizens all over the city tend to their parks and greenbelts. The Austin Parks Foundation helps recruit volunteers, and provides supplies and snacks and free t-shirts to all participating volunteers.

Your job as a Greenbelt Guardian volunteer is to:

1) Register for this work day on the Austin Parks Foundation website at www.austinparks.org. Scroll through the listed park sites to Barton Creek Greenbelt and select either Gus Fruh Trail or Homedale Trail. The listed Host is the Greenbelt Guardians: Barton Hills Neighborhood Association.

2) Show up at the appropriate trail on Saturday, April 22 and sign in at the host table at the trail entry. Then set to work on one of the available tasks, alongside a diverse, interesting, and genial group of companion volunteers. It?s a great way to celebrate spring!

We are hoping for a healthy turn out to accomplish some much needed tasks at both of our trails. We’ve got a diversity of tasks to suit many skill levels, from clean-up to removal of invasive vegetation to rock wall construction and trail drainage repair. We will have leaders at each site to help orient volunteers to the different tasks. Stan Ostrum of BHNA will lead the work at the Gus Fruh trail site, and Jon Beall of the Save Barton Springs Association will lead the work at the Homedale Trail. I will be shuttling between the two sites.

If you have any questions about this work day, or how to sign up, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you directly in addition to you signing up with the Austin Parks Foundation. Signing up with them will assure that we have plenty of t-shirts and snacks and supplies on hand. Thank you.

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardian Coordinator


Dear Greenbelt Fans,

Stan Ostrum and I just walked the greenbelt trail following the rains, and determined, with John Cook?s agreement, that we would cause more harm than good by proceeding with our work day tomorrow. It’s soggy, and we definitely don’t want deep ruts in our newly refurbished trail!

So, we are rescheduling the trail work day to Saturday, March 4, 9:00 – 2:00, at Gus Fruh Trail, 2642 Barton Hills Drive. I sure hope that the folks who so generously signed up for this work day will be able to work that into your calendars – and that even more of you who had schedule conflicts will be able to join us. We’re avid to complete a couple of the construction projects that we started, and of course, we don’t want the invasive species to have too much more lead time on us.

Please RSVP to me if you will be able to come out on March 4, and I will begin a new roster. Thanks,

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardian Coordinator


9:00 – 2:00 at the Gus Fruh Trail, 2642 Barton Hills Drive.

Time to gather together to come to the aid of the Greenbelt again. The creek hasn’t risen, despite our rain dances, so we will return to our work building a sturdier stone retaining wall at the creek’s edge, by the big swimming hole. We are also creating a longer term solution to keeping vegetative growth off of the entry trail, by mortaring the native rocks in place. We need to make a small improvement to our new trail drainage system, by creating one more drain swale across the trail. Since we have had enough rain to soften the soil, we will get the weed wrenches out again and go after the Nandina and small Ligustrums and Chinaberries on the lower part of the trail along the creek side. As always, there is trash pick up. And we can spread some of the seed we have collected in the areas that have been cleared of the invasive growth.

We have had some awesome “winter” weather – so let’s all visualize some more slow soaking rain, followed by more of this glorious sunshine for our work day. We hope to see many of our good neighbors at this hard-working, fun-filled event! You need to wear good work shoes & long pants & long sleeves, and bring your own water bottle. We provide water & energy drinks & energy bars & poison ivy lotion & lunch.

Please RSVP to me so we can get a good count for supplies and materials. Thanks so much for your participation and support.

Glee Ingram
Greenbelt Guardian Coordinator

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