Join us for Picnic in the Park

We are very excited to announce Picnic in the Park on April 14th from 3-5 p.m at our neighborhood park on the campus of Barton Hills Elementary School.

This is an informal gathering for all of the neighborhood. Super kid friendly and hoping for excellent weather, we will hear the Barton Hills School Choir, see old friends and meet new ones.

We are particularly interested in seeing kids and parents who would typically be at the July 4th parade attend our Party in the Park because we want to do a little planning for the parade while we are all mingling. But do not fret, there will be no formal announcements, no loud speakers or amps, just folks from the ‘hood enjoying springtime. We look forward to seeing you there!


2018 Trail of Lights Information


The Trail of Lights is a treasured Austin tradition that delights thousands of children and adults alike during the holiday season. Since the event is held in nearby Zilker Park and involves intermittent nightly closure of Barton Springs Road from Dec. 10 through Dec. 23, it impacts our neighborhood significantly. The City has worked closely with our Neighborhood Association to address resident concerns including neighborhood parking, access to the Park and Barton Springs pool, and increased traffic on our residential streets.

The City has provided us with helpful information included below to help you prepare for the Trail of Lights.

Web Links

City Event Web Sites

Helpful Documents

No parking signage

Neighborhood wide no parking signage will be installed before the event. The signs will NOT be actively enforced by patrols, but should be adhered to in all locations. APD will be actively ticketing and towing this year in all signed no parking areas on EVENT DAYS!

Helpful Tip

If you have guests coming over, it is suggested to park your car on street in legal unsigned areas, and then allow your guests to park in the driveway.

Zilker Park And Barton Springs Pool Details

  • Barton Springs Pool is open AT ALL TIMES during normal hours. Drive-in access and ADA parking to the pool during road closure times via Mopac and Andrew Zilker on the WEST side of the park, or at the south gate entrance on Azie Morton. The southgate parking areas will be closed to all event attendees and staffed by security.
  • Zilker Park – Rugby Field, Picnic Areas, parking lots, playscape (South of Barton Springs Road)
    • Open to drive in traffic daily until roads close (to allow cars to be removed safely before patrons arrive).
    • The entire upper area of the Great Lawn will remain open. In addition, Auditorium Shores and Butler Park will be open at all times for park users.
  • In addition, Auditorium Shores and Butler Park will be open at all times for park users.

Neighborhood Patrol  – Dedicated Neighborhood ROVING Patrol 

  • 4 officers and 1 sergeant – Roving 5 pm until approximately 10 pm daily. This dedicated unit will be roving and responding to issues/concerns throughout the impacted neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Call-In Line

  • Call-In Line: 512-970-8891, or 311

Examples of what to call in:

  • Parking within 30′ of the approach to a stop sign.
  • Parking or blocking within 15′ of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking left wheel to curb (cars parked facing against traffic).
  • If a car blocks YOUR driveway. Some neighbors may permit people to block their OWN driveway.
  • Illegal vending/sales questions in the immediate festival area.

Helpful Reminders

  • Please don’t put barriers in the street. They will be removed.
  • Restricted parking areas are prohibited parking areas for all persons.
  • Immobilized cars should be moved out of restricted parking areas.

Amendments to the BHNA Bylaws

The Barton Hills Neighborhood Association is governed by a set of bylaws that were originally written in 1979 when the association was formed and incorporated. They’ve been amended and updated several times over the years – most recently in 1995, 2001, and 2004. Some things have changed since then, and our bylaws are due for another update.

The BHNA executive committee has reviewed and discussed the bylaws, and we’ve identified a list of 16 proposed changes. Most of these changes are relatively small and reflect things that either need to be cleaned up, modernized, or updated to align with the evolution of the organization and how we currently operate. A few of them are more substantial, and I’ll discuss those below.

Copies of both our current bylaws from 2004 and the updated bylaws that we’re proposing can be found on our website at The updated version includes numbered comments that show where each change has been made and a brief description. Please review these changes and provide any feedback that you may have to the BHNA executive committee by Oct 17th at We’ll then finalize the proposed version, post it on both our website and the BHNA listserv for final review, and present it to our membership for approval at our fall general meeting on Oct 23rd.

As I mentioned above, many of the proposed changes are relatively minor such as adding clarification about our organization type and updating Robt. E. Lee Rd. to Azie Morton Rd. in our boundary description. We’ve also reallocated the duties of some of the officers to better balance the workload, clarified some existing duties, and added a few new ones, all of which reflect the way we presently are operating.

The biggest change we’re proposing is to change the unit of membership in the association from households to individuals. The current bylaws define a member as anyone age 18 and over in a dues- paying household, and we rely on whoever submits the annual membership form to list their spouse, roommates, adult kids, and other relatives or individuals who live in the household and qualify for membership. The problem is that people get in a hurry and don’t always fill out the form completely (or at all). In the meantime, people marry, divorce, move in or out, graduate, pass on, etc. and we can never really be sure how many members we actually have, which makes things like determining quorums for meetings almost impossible.

To remedy that, we’re proposing that every individual who wishes to be a voting member of the association sign up for their own membership. The folks who would be the most affected by this change are the couples where both individuals are active members of the association – their total household dues would double. While we certainly want to encourage membership and participation rather than discourage it, we feel that if we don’t increase annual dues (they’ve been $10 since at least 2004), most people would be agreeable to the idea of paying dues for each member.

Speaking of dues, one of the other changes we’re proposing is to allow the executive committee to set annual dues, subject to membership approval. Currently, annual dues are specified in the bylaws and require an amendment to change.

The final change of any real significance is a proposal to bump up our limit on consecutive terms served in a particular office from two to three. It’s difficult to find good people who are willing to serve, so the idea here is to let an officer stay in a position a little longer if they want to.
Again, please go to our website at, review the changes we’re suggesting, and let us know what you think, good or bad, by Oct 17th at
Thanks in advance for your feedback and thanks for supporting the BHNA!

Stan Ostrum

© 2018 Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
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