2018 ACL Festival Neighborhood Information

The following information was provided by the City of Austin and C3 Presents to help our neighborhood prepare for the upcoming Austin City Limits Music Festival:

ACL Music Festival will take place over two consecutive weekends: Friday, October 5th at 11am to Sunday, October 7th at 10pm and Friday, October 12th at 11am to Sunday, October 14th at 10pm. Please see the map on the following page for closures. Go to www.austintexas.gov/parkevents for interactive park access maps.

Barton Springs Pool is open at all times during normal hours. During festival days parking is protected at the south gate lot off Azie Morton Rd. for pool swimmers. In addition, Auditorium Shores will be open at all times for general and off-leash use.

Zilker Park, and all Austin parks, are non-smoking venues. Festival patrons will be directed to smoke outside the festival gates on the street. All passholders will be allowed to exit and re-enter the Festival grounds during the event. If you choose to smoke outside of the Festival, be mindful and responsibly discard cigarettes.

Barton Springs Road will be closed on festival show days to all vehicle traffic before Sterzing St. Cars must make a u-turn on Barton Springs Road at Sterzing Street. Making a right turn on Sterzing will be prohibited. This closure will reduce the amount of vehicles allowed into the neighborhoods and will create a safe crossing for pedestrians at Azie Morton Rd. and Barton Springs Road.

Sept. 24 – Oct. 28, closed to the public
Oct. 19, festival load out ends
Oct. 20 – 31, PARD park maintenance

at Nature Center Dr & Barton Springs Rd
Sept. 25 – 27, 7:00am – 10:00pm daily
Oct. 5 12:01am – Oct. 8 6:00am
Oct. 12 12:01am – Oct. 15 10:00pm
Oct. 16 & 17, 7:00am – 10pm daily

at Barton Hills & Barton Springs Rd
Residential traffic will be allowed to exit the neighborhood on Azie Morton Rd., East Bound onto Barton Springs from 12:00am – 11:59am on both Fridays, and 12:00am – 8:00am on both Saturdays and Sundays of event weekends.

Oct. 5 12:00pm – 12:00am
Oct. 6 8:00am – Oct. 7 12:00am
Oct. 12 12:00pm – 12:00am
Oct. 13 8:00am – Oct. 14 12:00am

at Sterzing St & 2244
Sept. 29 3:00am – 7:00am
Oct. 5 12:01am – Oct. 8 6:00am Oct. 12 12:01am – Oct. 15 6:00am

During this time, a portion of the areas in and surrounding Zilker Park will be accessible to the public including Barton Springs, Polo Field, the Botanical Gardens, and Austin Science and Nature Center.

Due to the increase in restricted parking areas, appropriate signage will be installed earlier, as well as allowing for time for corrections prior to the event commencing. These signs are valid upon installation. Please adhere to the signage. The restricted parking area signage will stay UP between weekends. They remain valid during this time period.

Drop off zone near Austin High.

Free festival shuttles run from downtown at Republic Square Park to the site! 2018 again features a dedicated entry gate for shuttle riders.

Shuttles are ADA compliant! Limited ADA parking first-come first-served is available via the Mopac side. All cars must have current valid ADA tags or plates displayed.

Bike racks are located in the park outside of both entry areas. See the festival website for details on specific locations! Bring your own lock! Make sure you bike has reflectors/ and to wear reflective gear.

Between the hours of 9pm – 12am on event nights, the following roads will be closed to all vehicle access:
Barton Springs Road (between Lamar & Sterzing)
Sterzing Street (between Barton Springs & Toomey)
Toomey Road (between Sterzing and Lamar)

Dedicated APD officers are patrolling and ticketing in the entire event and surrounding area. Call in parking violations to the event operations center call-in line (see number below).

Neighborhood Call-In Line — 512-806-7906
Noise Complaints — Call the neighborhood call-in line, or 311.
Festival Questions — info@aclfestival.com

General Violations
Examples of what to call in….
o Parking within 30? of the approach to a stop sign.
o Parking or blocking within 15? of a fire hydrant.
o Parking left wheel to curb. (cars parked facing against traffic).
o If a car blocks YOUR driveway. Some neighbors may permit people to block their OWN driveway.
o Illegal vending/sales questions in the immediate festival area.
o REMINDER: Make a quick note of the vehicle’s color, make and model before you call!

Submit 311 requests for dockless devices that are blocking, impeding or causing safety issues in the City. This will allow the city to have a documented record of issues regarding operations. Dockless devices can be reported via the Austin 311 app using the ‘Other’ SR and mention bike/scooter. When reporting – it is helpful to have the exact location, and an image of the issue. The 311 APP is most helpful for this purpose as it allows you to geolocate the position of the complaint, and attach an image.

Online reporting – https://austin-csrprodcwi.motorolasolutions.com/Home.mvc/Index

FAA aircraft information.
The San Antonio Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) is the office that would take complaints about safety violations. That number is (800) 292-2023.

The FAA does not, however, take calls regarding nuisance complaints. Nuisance/aircraft noise complaints would go to the Aviation Department. Stephen Dick stephen.dick@austintexas.gov would be the point of contact for those. Number is (512) 530-5541.

ACL 2018 Neighborhood Letter
ACL 2018 Information Flyer

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Blues on the Green 2018 Information


  • May 23 (rain date June 6), 8-10 PM
  • June 13 (rain date June 20), 8-10 PM
  • July 18 (rain date July 25), 8-10 PM
  • August 8 (rain date August 15), 8-10 PM


  • Zilker Metropolitan Park – Great Lawn. Park remains open, unfenced.



  • A safety closure is enacted at night after 9 pm on Barton Springs Road to help quickly exit patrons from the site. The safety closure opens no later than 11 pm.
  • Closure area is Barton Springs from Mopac to Sterzing.

Dedicated APD officers are patrolling and ticketing the event and surrounding area.

Parking Restrictions ARE in effect. Planned zones are included in the following areas:

  • Zilker Neighborhood
  • Barton Hills Neighborhood


  • Phone number for parking violations: 311

City of Austin Event Information PDF (including event information, parking map, no parking map, road closure map, contact information)

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The following resolution was passed unanimously at the January 23 General Meeting of the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association:

Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
Resolution in Support of the Preservation of City Parkland (January 23, 2018)

WHEREAS, the Barton Hills Neighborhood Association (BHNA) borders Barton Creek, Zilker Park, Butler Shores and Lady Bird Lake; and

WHEREAS, the City of Austin is a rapidly growing city that is suffering a serious shortage of green space and of public parkland; and

WHEREAS, City of Austin staff has been investigating the use of city parkland for a private soccer stadium; and

WHEREAS, Butler Shores is an iconic site at the confluence of Barton Creek and the Colorado River; and

WHEREAS, Butler Shores is an integral part of the South Shore public park system;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the BHNA supports the preservation and public use of existing public parkland at Butler Shores and throughout the park system; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the BHNA opposes the use of public parkland for the use of a professional soccer stadium or for other commercial purposes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the BHNA asks the Austin City Council and city staff to eliminate from consideration the use of public parkland for the purpose of building a soccer stadium; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the BHNA specifically opposes the use of public parkland at Butler Shores and at Roy G. Guerrero Park for the purposes of a professional soccer stadium; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Barton Hills residents support the establishment of a Major League Soccer (MLS) team in Austin provided that no public parkland is used for a stadium or related facilities; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the BHNA, through its president and its elected officers, makes the content of this resolution known to the Austin City Council, to city staff and to other relevant parties.

This resolution was passed unanimously by the BHNA membership at its January 23, 2018, membership meeting.

Mark Gentle, President
Barton Hills Neighborhood Association

© 2018 Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
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